• Ringwood, 3134

  • Did you know that the idyllic suburb of Ringwood used to be strictly used for agricultural purposes? That was way back in the 1850s, so a lot has changed since then. This region is quickly becoming one of the most rapidly expanding in Melbourne - and with a population of just over 16,000 residents (double when compared to a two decades ago), your new home could have been waiting right here for you all along.

    You’ll be pleased to hear that the local Maroondah Highway, one of the largest in Melbourne, runs right through Ringwood. This can make places incredibly easy to travel to, whether you’re needing to venture West into Melbourne’s Business District, or East to explore the plush scenic views and stunning vistas.

    What does the suburb itself have to offer?

    There are several well-known landmarks in the suburb, including the iconic Ringwood Clocktower – a beacon of remembrance and solidarity. The region also plays host to dozens of nature reserves and natural parks – all of which are protected by the local authorities and maintained to the highest standards all year long.

    There are five primary schools and six colleges (including secondary schools), three of which are grammar schools and boast some of the best educations in Melbourne. The region itself is pretty diverse thanks to its wide variety of cultural residents, with the vast majority (just over 22.5% being Catholic).

    How much do the local properties cost?

    The average two bedroom house in Ringwood will cost around $650,000, making this suburb one of the top ten most affordable locations in Melbourne. If you are looking for a three bedroom on the other hand, you might need to stretch your budget to about $800,000, with $820,000 AUD being the optimum spend for a modern home with plenty of features and facilities. Prices are due to increase in 2018, so acting fast and buying now could make all the difference.