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  • Mortgage Refinancing

  • If you’ve made your way to this mortgage refinancing page, then the chances are that you already have an idea what this type of task involves.

    Oh, you would like a reminder? Sure thing! Mortgage refinancing is the act of finding a brand new home loan deal to replace your old one.

    So, why would you do this you ask? Well, the most logical reason would be to make sure that you are taking full advantage of the cheapest interest rates on the market.

    Here at Mortgage Broker Melbourne we specialise in this incredibly technical task - but that should come as no surprise, considering that we are backed by our countries leading mortgage brokering group; Tundra Finance!

    How can we help with your home loan refinance?

    Let’s imagine that you took your mortgage out a decade ago and signed up to a pretty uncomfortable deal – one that still has interest rates too high.

    Or, perhaps you are looking to extend you loan and use the cash for other purposes - renovations, consolidation or just a holiday.

    At MBM, we consider it our job to make sure that you are able to modify your loan agreement in a way that suits your finances; and mortgage refinancing could very well be the best way to go!

    So, how can we help exactly? Well, the first thing that our team of mortgage broking experts will do is to evaluate what you’ve been putting up with so far. We’ll then gauge how it compares to current terms and interest rates, before suggesting the best course of action to you.

  • And then what?

    Once we’re in a position to help you to save money, we will then approach a great range of banks and lending agencies on your behalf – whether your original mortgage was with them or not!

    We’ll compile data relating to the current rates of interest offered by these banks and then help you to decide on a brand new mortgage for you to take advantage of!

    That’s a pretty effective way to save yourself some money, right? Why not get in touch with us today to get your refinancing project underway?