• Malvern, 3144

  • The idyllic suburb of Malvern is one of those locations within Melbourne that’s become as iconic as it is appealing. With a low population (under 10,000 residents) and a stunning variety of amenities and facilities for locals to enjoy – is it any wonder why many consider it one of the most attractive regions in the area?

    The suburb was first settled in 1851 by a man called John Gardiner. Since then, millions of Australian dollars have gone into the development and expansion of the region - and although many of the homes are new in nature, even more retain their original structural foundations and styles of architecture.

    What does Malvern have to offer?

    For families with children, the suburb offers a total of four educational institutes to suit children of all ages. There is the local St Joseph’s Primary School, as well as the De La Salle College. Malvern also offers a steady and reliable transportation systems, including trams and buses. Nearby is Tooronga Station, which services the northern part of the suburb, with trains running frequently via the Glen Waverley Line.

    For those that want to shop until they drop, there’s also the world-famous Malvern Central; with a range of high-end stores and retail outlets, as well as a collection of boutiques and shops. For those wanting to explore the countryside, the Yarra Range can be reached by driving North just a few kilometres – and for fans of boating and rivers, the Yarra River itself can be travelled to by car, or even tram.

    What do the local properties cost?

    If you are looking to buy a two bedroom property in Malvern, you’ll likely be looking to spend about $1,500,000 AUD. For higher end homes that feature larger plots of land, or more appealing locations, you should expect to pay about $2.1 million AUD – but with a great mortgage deal, this amount doesn’t have to sound anywhere near as expensive as many might think.