• Glen Iris, 3146

  • The stunning suburban region of Glen Iris is as quaint as it is appealing and with a population of just over 25,000 people – it can offer a great location for families, couples and retirees to move to. It’s only 10km away from the Central Business District in Melbourne as well, making it pretty appealing for those that work in the heart of the city.

    Considered by many to be Melbourne’s geographical centre of population, you’ll understand why property prices in this area are a little more expensive than in nearby suburbs. How much you ask? Well, we’ll cover that information a little further on this page – but for now, why not let us introduce you to the stunning variety of features and land marks in this well-known location?

    What’s in and around Glen Iris?

    This suburb is named after a ship that landed near the cost way back in 1850 (aptly named the Iris). Since its establishment, seven schools have popped up - with five of them being government funded and the others being private in nature. The area is predominantly Christian, but that’s not to say that it isn’t welcoming to those with other faiths.

    As far as the entertainment in the area is concerned, you will undoubtedly feel spoilt for choice. The local Harold Holt Swim Centre is a great place to enjoy a little exercise, but there’s also the BMX track in the Hill’n’Dale Park. For those that prefer an easier take on their sporting activities, the Burwood District Bowls Club can be the ideal place to relax and enjoy some company, but there are literally dozens of other things to do in the region.

    How much do the properties cost?

    And now we get down to brass tax. If you are hoping to buy a modern home in this region, especially one that’s comfortably situated alongside the roads and accessible streets leading back into Melbourne’s CBD – you should expect to spend about $1,735,000 AUD on average. That’s in the lower percentage however, and as the region also boasts a stunning variety of upper-class suburban homes, you won’t be surprised to hear that these ones can reach a price of over $2,000,000 AUD.