• Berwick, 3806

  • If the idea of stunning scenery, natural vistas and friendly locals appeals to you – then why not take a look at the suburb of Berwick? It’s as idyllic as it is affordable, in fact if you’re keen to buy a nice new home without spending millions, then this region could well be the one for you. It has a population of about 45,000 people and with access to a range of highways and freeways (including the nearby Hume Highway), you won’t ever have to worry about getting to where you need to be.

    The suburb itself was named after one of the first property owners in its sister region. The nearby authorities are trying their best to preserve the natural scenery in and around the region - and that’s why you’ll find that most suburban homes are neatly situated at the basin of the location, whilst being surrounded by greenery on most sides.

    What does the suburb have to offer?

    If there’s one feature that will draw the attention of people looking for a new home, it’s the iconic Berwick Inn. This location was built in 1857, then extended two decades later to cater to the increase in visitors (as a result of the railway being established in the region). For those that aren’t huge fans of history, then there are literally dozens of other appealing features that can be enjoyed in the area.

    For instance, over 60% of people are employed locally; making this suburb one of the most economically stable in the state of Victoria. For those in need of education, there are several local nurseries that can take care of younger children, as well as the nearby Berwick Primary - which is just one of several primary schools in the area catering to children between six and eleven. There are several more secondary schools as well, and even a few colleges (such as the St. Francis Xavier).

    How much do the properties cost?

    Possibly the most appealing thing about Berwick is the value of its homes. A two bedroom can be purchased for just over $460,000 AUD, with a three bedroom costing about $580,000 on average.